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The Benefits of Home Cinema Blinds

By July 13, 2018August 13th, 2018Home Cinema Blinds

Whether you’re watching the World Cup footie or the latest blockbuster on your widescreen TV, creating a home cinema is perfect if you want to stay absorbed and engaged in your favourite programme. More and more people are opting to dedicate a space in their home where they can watch all that the big screen experiences delivered by cable TV and sites like Netflix.

But what do you need in order to create the perfect home cinema?

While the latest flat screen and a great surround audio system are givens, as are comfy seats and plenty of popcorn, one area many people forget about is the windows.

If you’re enjoying the big movie of the day, you’re going to want to turn the sound up. The last thing you need is the neighbours complaining to you or noise from outside impacting on your enjoyment.

The good news is, home cinema blinds are ideal for not only blocking out the light but helping to soundproof your cinema room a little better.

  • First of all, home cinema blinds create just the right atmosphere. They are made from the latest blackout fabric which means that, at any time of the day, you are sealed away in your own little space.
  • There’s no sunlight peaking in through the drapes or an annoying lamplight on the street outside shining through the material. This makes them ideal if you have a window facing the sun or next to a busy street which has the new LED lights.
  • You can sit in comfort and watch your favourite movie whenever you want. Today’s modern blinds also come with remote controls so that you can open and close them basically at the touch of a button.
  • During the winter, their higher thermal quality also helps keep the warmth in so you can control the temperature better inside.
  • Home cinema blinds also provide a greater level of sound insulation compared to curtains or ordinary roller blinds. They cover the whole window and provide complete privacy so the neighbours can’t see through the window and find out what you’re watching.

Obviously, if you’re designing your own home cinema space, the blinds you choose are going to be part of the planning. There’s no point getting everything else in place and find that there’s too much light coming through the windows.

At John Deegan, we have a brilliant range of great looking motorised blackout blinds that are ideal for any home cinema. If you’re looking for that real, authentic multi-plex feel where the whole family can sit down and watch the latest blockbuster, it’s worth taking a look at what these cinema blinds bring to the table.

If you already have a home cinema area, you might be thinking about what you can do to make it more complete. The blinds are usually the last thing people think of until they sit down and start to watch their favourite movie.

At John Deegan, we can advise you on which blinds to install and how they are best fitted. Contact our friendly team today to find out how we can help.


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