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If you want to make a real design statement in your home, switching your old curtains for modern, motorised blinds can make all the difference. The advances in blind technology over the last few years means you can get automated domestic blinds that are perfectly designed for any room in your home.

What are Motorised Domestic Blinds?

Most people are aware of blinds where you pull a sash and lift them up and down. While some like the traditional style of these window installations, others are looking for something a little more advanced. The key with motorised domestic blinds is that you don’t have that sash hanging down – if you have small kids you know what a hazard these can be.

The blinds have their own inbuilt mechanism and can be raised or lowered at the push of a button. You can even link everything into your smartphone and operate remotely. That also means you can set the times when you have your blinds up or down during the day.

The Benefits of Motorised Domestic Blinds

The first big benefit, of course, is convenience. It can be quite a chore lifting those blinds, especially if you have them all around the house. The simple press of a button means your blinds are activated immediately and you don’t have to do anything else.

Energy saving is another factor you might like to take into account. It’s not something that everyone thinks of when it comes to blinds. The truth is that closing the blinds during a cold snap can help keep the heat in and reduce your utility bills. Similarly, lowering the blinds can help keep your home cool and reduce the need for better air conditioning during the summer.

The good thing is that you don’t have to be at home to sort your blinds out during the day. We’re more and more connected nowadays and the software we use with our blinds means you can raise and lower them wherever you are. If you are going away for the holidays and want to add a security level you can choose to change them at specific times to make it look as though you are still in.

Though many people think it, motorised blinds aren’t just a luxury item. They come in a wide range of different styles and suit any room in the house. If you thought that blinds were just for places like the bathroom or kitchen, then maybe it’s time you had a rethink. Motorised blinds look absolutely stunning in locations like the living room and bedroom. They’re easy to maintain and keep clean and can be tailored for any area of the home.

Find Out More About Motorised Blinds

You may be thinking about changing your curtains or giving your home a design makeover. Now is a great time to explore how motorised blinds will look in your dining room or lounge. Our expert team will give you all the advice and creative guidance you need and explain the full benefits of having motorised blinds installed.

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