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While many people will spend a lot of time looking at the décor and design of the their homes, one place they often neglect is the windows. Contemporary blinds are easy to install and add not only style and panache to a room but also impact on the warmth and ambience.

If curtains are your go to design feature when it comes to the windows, it might be time to take another look at what is available. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Motorised Blind Installations

There is a huge range of motorised blinds available nowadays, including ones that can be hooked up to your smartphone so you don’t even need to get out of your chair to raise them up or pull them down. They’re also great if you have young kids around because there are no hanging cords that can present a health and safety problem.

Many of us today use artificial intelligence and there’s much talk about the internet of things where all our gadgets are connected. You can even set motorised blinds on a timer so that they open and close at specific times, a great option for areas like the bedroom. If you want blinds that operate at the touch of the button, this might be worth investigating further.

Traditional Blinds

Of course, some people prefer the traditional. The good news is there’s more variety in this area than ever. If you prefer the conventional way of pulling up and letting down your blinds, these are a brilliant design solution. You can get styles and sizes to suit almost any room – from Venetian blinds to vertical ones, blinds for small spaces and blinds for large ones, there’s a solution for any space and every room.

Contemporary blinds installations nowadays means you can get lots of different designs from the purely functional and understated to the funky and unusual. They certainly give home owners a better variety than traditional curtains. These are the kinds of installations that look superb in the living room and bedroom and not just the kitchen or bathroom.

Bespoke Contemporary Blinds

The good news is that you can have all your blinds made to measure. Yes, you can get off the shelf ones in store but having your blinds properly fitted by an expert makes all the difference. If you have an unusual space or somewhere like a bay window, premade solutions generally don’t work very well. And if you have a non-linear window, perhaps an arched one, the problem can be even more difficult.

Bespoke blinds are a great solution and again these can be provided for any room in the house. The size and shape doesn’t matter and you can always be sure of a perfect fit.

At John Deegan we have the expertise and track record of delivering quality contemporary blinds installations. If you want to make your home look fantastic but would like to move away from traditional curtains or drapes, this is certainly one design area to take a closer look at. Our team can give you all the advice and help you need in making the right choices.

Contact us today to find out more.

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