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Plantation shutters are a hugely popular choice for contemporary and traditional properties alike. Being sleek in line, they are neat, robust and highly practical. They create a striking impression as seen from the exterior elevation or interior view.

They can be finished in white tones, natural wood or a variety of contemporary or classic statement colours. Additionally, they are surprising versatile and are suitable for many unusual applications.

3 Reasons to invest in shutter blinds for your home:

  1. Shutters are a stylish, elegant, and timeless addition to a home. Plantation shutters looks stately, subtly tasteful, and compliments almost any internal décor. Plantation Shutters can also remove the headache of finding complimentary curtains for your room. At the same time, shutters give a more expensive, up-market look than simple blinds.
  2. Shutters are a great solution for insulating your home, ventilating the room during the Summer whilst keeping the sun at bay in the warmer months and blocking cold drafts when the winter arrives
  3. As an extra buffer between your windows and any outdoor sources of sound, shutters can  help act as a great sound insulator, helping to deaden the drone of traffic or noise from a nearby road

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